I'm back and i dont know how long I'm gonna last....Its been a long time I know but quite conflicting is the fact that I want to advice people to not waste their time online and go do something more productive....paradoxically I cant do that without being online.
But its just that there is so much to do and so much one really can do,and thats what i wanna share here.
Henceforth i'll try to keep the architects blog updated regularly,if not everyday.

What am i doing now a days???
Ok. College started.seems like I have to study a lot.:P.I'm in office now.everybody's gon so i thought to do some justice to my blog. Had a good day today.Happy life getting happier.I know i'm growing up and times flying by.Just wanna make sure I get the best of eerysecond of mylife.(except for this keybord that is giving m a tuff time.stupid keyboard i have tu strggle wit the keys.)

I'll sure make this blog useful for myself and others.Planning to have categories as Personal,prfessional,travel,milestones,and another section...maybe i'll call it "interact" where yuor fedbacks will make it count.

I'm currently working in a lot of different projects like architectural,interior design,graphics design,advertising,project managemnet,web portal solutions, and also i taking tutions for a pair of little sweethearts saju and anish.I'm currently investing my leisure in swimming classes,guitar classes and training new candidates for my profession.(mostly collge studens like me).
I've to keep this blog updated too.Learning to type is also an ar t i'm working on.:P. so i guess this blog wouldn't be a waste of time at all.

MEssage for the one reading this.
"If you could look at the brighter side of things, theres a learning in everything...try and make the best of it"


hey varun,

i found u through sxc. and the song u provided is great. thanx a lot. i can't understand it but i understand the beat.

good post...

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